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Our mission

We want to make the work easier, more efficient, and safer for builders across the world by developing creative methods and products that simplify assembly work in the construction industry. With the right methods and products, it is more fun to work.


Markus is the genius behind the patent of the Stedox® assembly method

Markus has many years of experience in the construction industry and he is an inventor and expert in thinking outside the box.

The idea for the method was born when Markus himself worked with concrete elements.

Markus came up with this considerably simpler method for installing concrete elements, after working as a welder on some projects where the welding plates often were misplaced, and there were not enough concrete weights in which to attach the wall props. He started working on the idea of a method where you could skip the time demanding work phases and save a lot in labor costs.

Jimmy is the CEO and the builders’ friend

Jimmy has worked within a number of different industries, mainly within transports and construction. He has been working as an entrepreneur since 2014, and since 2019 he has been the CEO and Sales manager at Stedox®.

He enjoys helping builders have a more pleasant and safer workday while helping construction companies save time and money.

Jimmy’s strength is that he loves working according to the win-win method.

That’s why he offers free trials of Stedox® products to construction companies, no one should have to buy anything before they have experienced the real benefits of Stedox® products.

Dennis is the product developer who makes products of ideas

Dennis’ strength lies in finding new ideas for product development within the construction industry. He has studied construction at Optima and has worked as a builder for several years. He has also taken all the basic courses for the construction engineering class at Novia.

Dennis journey as an entrepreneur started at the age of 17 alongside studies and military service. In 2019 he started working full-time as a product developer at Stedox®

If you have any questions regarding Stedox® products, feel free to ask Dennis. You can also contact him if you have a problem that you wish Stedox® would solve.

The timeline of Stedox® 

Markus is installing precast concrete elements and discover lots of improvement possibilities

He realized that if you rethink the process from the beginning, you can assemble in a completely new way that the world has never seen before.

The first prototype of Stedox® Light is made

The first prototype was constructed to be placed inside footing form, but the prototype showed to be impractical since no side supports could be attached to it.

The first villa is installed with Stedox® second prototype

A 90m² house with a garage was assembled using Stedox® updated prototype which included the triangle wall supports. This successful project was the starting point for continued development.

The products are improved and the patent application is submitted

After a few years of waiting, the development starts again and the products are improved once again and the patent application is submitted.

The first products are sold to Ramirent

During the time that the assembly method for concrete walls was developed, we noticed that there was a need for a safer and more efficient wall prop on the market.

The products are presented to Ramirent and they quickly decide to buy Stedox® Support to start renting them out.

July 2019
Stedox Ab Oy is founded

A new company is founded to make it easier to work towards the new goals that have been set. Prior to this, the development work took place on another family-owned company, but now a separate company was founded to be able to take product development to new levels.

Stedox® helps builders get a safer and more efficient working day using the Win-Win method

Stedox® has found its position in the market and works through a Win-Win system where the focus is that all involved parties will benefit from working together with Stedox®.

“There’s no doubt that stedox® is good ”

Stedox® Support is the ultimate solution for installing prefabricated wooden elements. Its’ stepless one-hand adjustment makes it super easy to set the wall straight. We are really pleased with Stedox®’ products, and we will be using their wall props on all future projects

Miikael Leppälä, CEO at Lepta Rakennus

Comparison between Stedox® Support and competitors

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A comparison between Stedox® assembly method and the traditional method

Benefits with Stedox® assembly method

  • Only one concrete cast.
  • No welding plates in the footing.
  • No welding.
  • No concrete weights.
  • Possible to cast footing and vertical joints at the same time.
  • No need to wait for the concrete to cure.
  • Possible to assemble walls and hollow core slabs on the same day.

Traditional assembly method requires:

  • Concrete casting of a footing before you can assemble the elements.
  • Measurement and placement of welding plates in the footing.
  • Measurement and placement of mounting pads on the footing.
  • That the elements are welded to the footing.
  • Placing concrete weights to have something to attach the wall props to.
  • Multiple concrete casts.
  • Several working days.