Do you want to assemble precast concrete elements twice as efficiently?

Stedox® assembly method for erecting concrete elements

Stop assembling in the “traditional way” – It is slow, unprofitable, and limited

The traditional method requires the casting of a footing or a concrete slab before you can assemble the precast concrete elements.

The traditional method also requires:

  • Measurement and placement of welding plates in the footing.
  • Measurement and placement of mounting pads on the footing.
  • That the elements are welded to the footing.
  • Placing concrete weights to have something to attach the wall props to.
  • Multiple concrete casts.
  • Several working days.

Did you know that one can assemble a basement and hollow-core slabs in just ONE day?

Start from the compacted gravel

Do the formwork then make holes for Stedox® Light

Assemble Stedox® Light and Triangle

Assemble the concrete elements and then cast.

Assemble the hollow core slabs, add rebar, formwork, and cast.

The basement is now ready. Let’s go home!

Continue reading to understand how it is possible to be able to do so much during one single day

We worked with precast concrete elements and discovered lots of development opportunities

The founder, Markus Sundström, was working with manufacturing precast elements, as well as out in the field assembling the elements. However, he was unhappy with the labor- and resource-demanding assembly process, so he started developing a prototype that would make it easier, more fun, and safer to assemble the heavy concrete elements.

After 5 years of product development, a few test projects, and a patent application, Markus together with his sons Jimmy and Dennis launched the patented products that came to revolutionize the construction industry.

Never before had anyone believed that it would be possible to assemble 15 000 kg heavy concrete elements without first having to cast a footing or a slab to place the elements on.

With Stedox® assembly method you can assemble efficiently, safely and at record speed, while saving labor-, material- and transport costs.

Stedox® assembly method enables you to save a lot in labor and material costs since you can assemble the walls in one continuous process without having to wait for concrete to cure.

Work phases you DON’T have to do with Stedox® method:

– Cast the footing/concrete slab before assembly.
– Waiting for the cast of the footing/concrete slab to cure.
– Placing welding plates in the footing.
– Placing welding plates in the concrete elements.
– Placing concrete weights to have something to attach the wall props to.
– Measuring and placing mounting pads on the footing/concrete slab.
– Drilling and bolting the wall support to the concrete elements.
– Welding the concrete element to the footing/concrete slab.
– formwork for the second concrete cast.
– Post-casting the concrete elements.
– Removing the concrete weights after the assembly.
– Puttying the holes that occur when drilling and bolting the wall supports to the element.


Stedox® assembly method in 7 simple steps

Guaranteed savings in labor and material costs!

Free comparison between Stedox®- and the traditional assembly method

Benefits that Stedox® guarantees

If you do not experience any benefits, we will pay you 100 €

No casting in beforehand makes your assembly a continuous process without waiting times

With Stedox® assembly method, you do not have to cast the footing in advance, and in this way, you do not have to wait for the concrete to cure before assembling the precast concrete elements.

No need to place concrete weights around the site to have something to attach the wall props to.

Stedox® method has no need for concrete weights since the elements are supported by the patented Triangle-supports.

You can easily adjust the height level of the elements with the use of a screwdriver and a rotary laser

You can adjust the height level of the elements even after 100% of the weight of the element are standing on Stedox® Light and the lifting slings have been released. Stedox® Light’s are adjustable from 150 mm up to 350 mm.

The super quick assembly time means reduced crane costs

The walls are assembled very quickly because Stedox® Light & Triangle can be pre-assemble even before the elements arrive at the building site.

Vertical joints and the footing can be casted at the same time as the footing

The Stedox® Three-In-One casting means fewer concrete deliveries and fewer work phases. This also means fewer transport costs, especially if the project is far away from the nearest concrete factory.

The Triangle-Supports leave no marks in the element, meaning no puttying of drill holes

In the assemble stage Stedox® Triangle is pressed against the elements without the need for drilling or bolting. This allows for the surface of the element to stay 100% clean and undamaged.

Stedox® colorful products are easily visible on the construction site

The yellow color symbolizes optimism, joy, and energy. The yellow color is also very easy to observe. That’s why we at Stedox® have chosen a color that enlivens the construction site and makes the builders a little happier.

No welding plates in the footing means you can skip a lot of measuring work at the job site

You don’t have to buy welding plates, nor spend time measuring out the exact placement of each plate. This means less work for the construction workers on site. Amazing, right?

You do not need to measure and place mounting pads on top of the footing

In the traditional way, the elements must be assembled on pads that are 50 mm thick so that the secondary cast flows out under the elements. With Stedox® method you get rid of this step.

No need to welding the elements to the footing means that no electricity is required on the construction site

Traditionally the elements are often welded to the footing. This requires that the elements’ welding plates are just in line with the welding plates of the footing. On hot summer days, it’s also required that someone stays as a fire watch after many hours of welding.

No formwork for a secondary cast means that you avoid an entire work phase

Traditionally you have to make a formwork for the secondary casting of the elements. Stedox® assembly method allows you to entirely skip the stage of formwork for the second cast.

No need of secondary casting means less labour- and material costs

Since the concrete elements are placed on Stedox® Light’s it means that they will stand together with the footing as a single structure. This saves a lot of labour time while you need one less concrete delivery.

Stedox® Triangle allows you to set the elements straight from ground level. SUPER SAFE ASSEMBLY!

By using Stedox® Triangle you don’t have to climb ladders or scaffolds to attach the wall supports to the elements. instead, you can do all the adjustments from ground level.

Possible to install hollow core slabs as soon as the elements are in place

Since there is no need to wait for the concrete to cure, you can continue installing the hollow core slabs as soon as the vertical joints have been cast.

Projects where the Stedox® Assembly Method has been used and the customer has saved a lot in labor and material costs

Car garage basement in Jakobstad

On this project, the engineers had planned that the installation of the elements would take two days with a total of four concrete castings.

– One cast for the footing.
– One cast after the installation of elements.
– One inclined casting on the outside of elements allowing the water that runs along the wall to be drained away
– One casting of the hollow core slab.

With Stedox® patented assembly method we were able to do the entire installation in just ONE DAY, and using only TWO CASTINGS.

← Check the installation video to see how it all happened!

Luxurious summer cottage basement in Köklot

This project was located far out in the Korsholm archipelago. Since the nearest concrete supplier was 45 minutes away, it was extra important to minimize the construction time and especially the delivery of materials and concrete.
With Stedox® installation method the walls were erected safely and efficiently in no time, without the need of concrete weights to support the heavy concrete elements.

Are you ready to take your construction company to the next level and get lots of projects by starting to use the Stedox® patented installation method?

Here are 6 simple steps you need to follow to get started:

1. Do you have an upcoming project?

Usually, you need two Stedox® Light per concrete element. The maximum weight that can be put on a Stedox® Light is 6000 kg. If the element weights more than 12 000 kg you can simply add one more Stedox® Light under that specific concrete element to not exceed the maximum load.

2. Inform all suppliers involved that you want to use the Stedox® installation method

The Stedox® installation method differs a lot from the traditional method in which you always need to cast the footing/slab before installing the concrete elements. It is therefore important that all contractors involved in the project are aware that you will be using Stedox® method for your project.

3. Order products for the project by renting from us or one of our partners

Contact us first, then we will help you get the products to the building site!


If you assemble precast concrete elements regularly and are interested in buying products from us, you can send us a quote request.

4. Check out the instructional video that shows how the patented installation method works step-by-step (Swedish text)

Check out our tutorial video step by step to learn how the Stedox® assembly method works. We recommend that you read the texts carefully and pay attention to details as it will help you a lot when you are going to use the products later.

5. Download and read the user manual

Before using Stedox® products, read the user manual to ensure that the installation of precast concrete elements will be done correctly and safely.

(Coming soon) Stedox® Light and Triangle user manual

6. Good luck with the projects!

Stedox® wishes you good luck with the installation of the concrete elements. In case this is your first project with the Stedox® installation method we can do a consultation free of charge, and if possible even participate in the assembly.

If this is your first project with the Stedox® assembly method, we promise to help you completely free of charge!

Do you need help on your first project with the Stedox® assembly method?
Contact Dennis and he will help you!

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